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Perfect service guarantee:
Service tenet: the principle of good faith, prompt response, better work, and good service.
Service philosophy: we have always firmly believe that the long-term development of enterprises can not do without the long-term support of customers, customer support for a long time can not be separated from good after-sales service, customer satisfaction is our responsibility!
Service core: perfect technical service and technical support from the "European" company - customer service center. We will continue to provide long-term, "quality service" and reduce the risks to the greatest extent possible, to provide customers with confidence in the wisdom of products.
Pre sales service: we provide customers with one to one service, customer service staff 24 hours online. To provide customers with the purchase proposal, type selection design, technical support. Contact and other needs services. Allow customers to maximize the cost of reducing production costs to buy the most practical products.
Sale in service: we provide delivery, installation, commissioning, operator training and other services.
After-sale service:
1, home delivery: and bear all the responsibility for the damage caused during the transport process.
2, commissioning and installation: the product into the designated location, the customer is ready to complete the required packaging materials and other ancillary facilities, and notify me of the company. Commissioning personnel will be the fastest in 24 hours to reach the location of the machine, such as the road is far away or inaccessible areas. My company will arrive within 48 hours. After the commissioning of qualified, confirmed by the customer.
3, the operation of training: my company will optimize the experience, with good quality of technical personnel to the customer's technical staff training, until the operator can operate independently of the production. And guide the correct operation and maintenance methods; equipment failure pretreatment; parts replacement. Can also be designated by the customer to our company training.
4, door to door service: customers find products failure inform our company, our company will be within 2 hours to respond, and by way of telephone guidance given to processing; can't handle my plant maintenance staff, the fastest will be within 24 hours to reach the machine to carry out maintenance, such as journey distant or inaccessible areas. My company will arrive within 48 hours. If you need to replace parts, I will be the fastest in 24 hours to the customer location of the parts; and by telephone or on-site service delivery to the replacement of the installation.
5, the warranty period: our company free of charge to provide on-site maintenance and maintenance; free home repair; free spare parts replacement; free technical upgrades and other services!
Beyond the warranty period: our company provides free technical advice telephone maintenance guidance. For home repairs are only responsible for the technical staff accommodation and travel expenses reimbursement can enjoy free maintenance service (free working hours); and ensure the accessories supplied shall be ex factory price.

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